Achieving a delicious booty has never been easier! MissFit BootyBuilder is the most efficient tool, giving you the best work out if you dream of a round, strong and full booty. MissFit BootyBuilder is created to get you the results you want!

Do you need extra resistance for your muscles? The these BootyBands from MissFit is just what you need! Use them to work on both your upper and lover body as well as upgrading your squats, giving even well-toned glutes an efficient work-out.

Maximize your cable training with MissFit’s BootyKick! The genius cuff gives extra resistance for your glutes and hamstring muscles, enabling you to reach your goal of a well-shaped, strong and full behind faster than ever.


The option to see efficient results with a workout that matches your lifestyle

Getting started working out without overwhelming

The option not to find it difficult to find a rhythm in your daily training

A better rhythm in your daily training

Working out at home to make everyday life work for you

A challenging kick in your work out routine to get the results you want


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