MissFit BootyKick

MissFit BootyKick


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The original BootyKick helps you maximize your cable training and get really deep with your glutes.

In stock


Maximize your cable training with MissFit’s BootyKick! The genius cuff gives extra resistance for your glutes and hamstring muscles, enabling you to reach your goal of a well-shaped, strong and full behind faster than ever.

Fasten the BootyKick around your ankle and click into the cable; you will able to kick backwards and very efficiently reach the muscles in your booty.

MissFit BootyKick has been developed to accommodate several types of exercises, making sure you can target the glutes from every angle. This maximizes your work-out and makes sure you see quick results, motivating you whether it is  your first day or you are at a more advanced level.

With MissFit BootyKick you get:

# Resistance training for selected muscle groups

# Efficient work out for the glutes

# Strong, well-shaped legs

BONUS! Use the BootyKick as a supplement for your fitness training and get to you glutes from all angles!


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