One of the most important things when beginning to work out—or if you get a little bored with your usual work out routine—is to have great work out friends and a community that inspires you to stay in the healthy track.


This is why MissFit has teamed up with these gorgeous woman, all working out with our products in their own way. Some do it at home, others at the gym; some train to stay fit, others because they are professionals. The point is, we are all different and we are motivated by different things.


Inspiration for your healthy life

On this page you can meet our ambassadors and find you favorite—or maybe several. Remember to follow them on Instagram as well as here on our site where they take turn blogging. Get up close and personal with them, peek into their everyday life, learn about their diet, exercising, work outs and life in general—and find inspiration for your own healthy habits.



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