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MissFit is a workout helper, tailored to you and your life—and a method that helps you achieve the body you have always dreamed of.


* Want to see efficient results with a workout that matches your lifestyle?

* Want a super strong body with womanly curves?

* Do you find getting started working out overwhelming ?

* Is it difficult to find a rhythm in your daily training?

* Do you need to be working out at home to make everyday life work for you?

* Do you need a challenging kick in your work out routine to get the results you want?


MissFit is just what you are looking for!

We help you find your own strength. Regardless of the level you are at right now. Out work out focuses on building fit and strong women’s bodies because we love womanly curves—particularly a great booty!


A work out community with room for all

However, MissFit is so much more than work out tools. MissFit was created by personal trainer Camille Wagner, and she set out to invent an individual work out method that works as part of your busy life—as well as a community where you are always accepted and welcome. This is a place of solidarity and room for all—no matter where you begin your training, and where you would like to take your body. Health is individual and MissFit wishes to help you realize the best version of you.

Every woman deserves a body she feels great in—with or without clothes!


Our ambassadors deliver inspiration and motivation

Honesty is one the most important aspects of a community. This is why MissFit has teamed up with a bunch of cool, inspiring and above all honest ambassadors—each so different that anyone can find one to take an example from and be motivated by. This is the place to get great advice, find inspiration for new exercises, see how the other MissFit’s are doing, and read truthful stories from their healthy lives.


Because, just as it is easier getting off the couch and go running when you have a friend by your side, MissFit is the same. We are an open community, sharing the small victories and irritating bumps along the way. We celebrate you when you reach your goals, and we give encouragement if your motivation fails you. In other words, MissFit is your best training buddy.


Welcome! We can’t wait to work out with you!


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